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Feb 17

Clarus ’16 Talk Titles Announced

2016 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Clarus 16

Clarus ’16 is just around the corner. From Mach 4–6 we’ll be joined by three men who will address our conference theme, Pilgrims in a Strange Land. Click here to read about our speakers, and here to resigner as there is still room available.

We’ve been working with the speakers over the last few months top give shape to the conference. Today we are pleased to share the titles for the eight sessions that will make of the conference. Here they are!

Friday Night, March 4

  • Session 1: Owen Strachan, “Image: How Theocentrism Shapes our Public Lives”
  • Session 2: Andrew Walker, “Conscience and Religious Liberty: Why the Freedom to Believe is the Freedom to Flourish”

Saturday Morning, March 5

  • Session 3: Justin Taylor, “Abortion: Being Agents of Light in a Darkened World”
  • Session 4: Owen Strachan, “Gender: Manhood and Womanhood in Christ as Our True Identity”

Saturday Afternoon, March 5

  • Session 5: Andrew Walker, “Marriage: Creation, Vocation, and the Glory of God”
  • Session 6: Justin Taylor, “Race: Being Agents of Peace in a Perplexing Word”
  • Session 7: Panel Discussion with Owen Strachan, Justin Taylor, and Andrew Walker

Sunday Morning, March 6

  • Session 8: Corporate Worship with Justin Taylor, “The Great Adoption to Come: The Public Unveiling of Our Identity in Christ” — Romans 8:18–25

For specific session times, see the Conference Schedule.

If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the invitation video for Clarus ’16: