Feb 25

Session 5 Recap: Greg Gilbert, “Salvation”

2017 | by Mike McDonald | Category: Clarus 17

Editor’s Note: Mike McDonald is the Lead Pastor at Faith Church, Rio Rancho, NM. He is a member of the Albuquerque Chapter of The Gospel Coalition. This post is a summary of Greg Gilbert’s message from Saturday afternoon at Clarus, February 25, “Salvation,” from Romans 8:31–39.


Greg Gilbert moved us into this next session on salvation through the study of Romans 8:31-39. Gilbert describes these verses as the crowning moment of Chapters 5-8. If you are trusting in Jesus for salvation, then you can ultimately know three things: God loves you, is for you, and nothing in the universe will ever change that. If your faith is in Jesus, then you can have rock solid confidence that you will be saved.

Because of Jesus, God is forever on your side. (v. 31-34)

Gilbert argued that since the beginning of Chapter 5, the question that Paul has been attempting to answer is this: can God save people solely through Jesus? The answer to this is a resounding yes! These verses function as the legal claim that God has upon us through the work of Christ. Gilbert continued by stating that this is not just a logical truism, but by reaching back to Chapter 5, he reminded us that those who are justified by faith have peace with God. This gives the believer confidence that our faith in Jesus causes God to be for us. Further, we are united with Jesus and like Jesus, raised to a newness of life. Gilbert argued that, “our salvation as Christians will fail only if our union to Jesus can be broken. Jesus says with fire in His eyes, that will never happen.” Gilbert concluded this argument by reminding the listener that in Romans 8 we are adopted as His children, ultimately for the glory of God. Therefore, to the degree that God is for Jesus, He is for us. Given this, no one can bring a charge against us or condemn the one that God declares to be righteous. Because of Jesus, God is forever on your side.  

Because of Jesus, nothing will ever separate you from His love. (v. 35-39)

Gilbert then argued that God’s affection was not set upon His people because of their power or standing, but because of who God is. Because His love for us is rooted in His character, it can never be lost or shaken. There is nothing so special about us that should make Him love us. He loves us for His own name’s sake. Paul describes a list of legitimate trials that could cause our faith in His love to falter, and yet, these trials do the opposite. They confirm God’s love for us because we know that He is using all these things for our good. If your trust is in Jesus, those things won’t be enough to make you forsake Him. Because you are deeply and dearly loved, you are secure, no matter what trials you face.