Mar 29

Ways to Search DSC’s Message Database

2012 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Sermons

The internet is good for many things. I’m sure you can think of a few.

Perhaps the best thing that the internet is good for is the wide and voluminous distribution of the Word of God.

Of course, the most important sermon any of us hears in a week is the sermon we hear when we’re together with the body on Sunday morning. But there is a place for listening to a specific sermon at a specific time to address a specific question or need, or just to hear more of the Bible.

That’s part of why we publish almost ten years of preaching and approximately 400 sermons at the DSC Messages page. That’s a lot of sermons! For that reason, it is good to be familiar with the various ways to search the sermon database.

Search by Scripture (New!)

This option is first on the list here because it is new as of this week. If you have visited the Messages page before in hopes of finding a sermon on a particular text, you may have had difficulty if that text didn’t fall within a series by that book. Not anymore.

Search by Series

When searching by series, sermons can be filtered by sermon series, conference, seminar weekend, or type of event, like Lord’s Supper. Here are some examples:

Search by Speaker

If you remember or want to listen to a sermon by a particular preacher, you can search by speaker. Here are some examples of familiar names:

Search by Topic

Under the umbrella categories of “Theology,” “Worldview and Culture,” “The Christian Life,” “Family,” and “Church and Ministry,” sermons are searchable by a number of topics. Here are some examples:

Search by Date

If you remember a sermon from a particular year or time of year, you can search by year back to 2004.