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Mar 5

Sunday Worship or Community Group: Which is More Important?

2015 | by Trent Hunter | Category: Recommended Link

If you’ve been around DSC for a while, you’ve heard us talk about Community Groups. In fact, hopefully you’ve more than heard about Community Groups, but you’ve been invited into one and encouraged to get involved. There are many crucial reasons to embed yourself in community in this way, but if we had to pick going to church on Sunday or to Community Group, which should it be?

In his article, “Worship is More Important than Your Small Group,” Jason Helopoulos addresses this question. Here’s how he begins:

Like most of you, I love small groups. I love the “give and take” of the discussion. I love the interaction with others. I love the questions raised and the answers discovered. But as much as you and I may love small groups, corporate worship is more important.

Someone recently commented to me that pastors are the only ones who really enjoy Sunday mornings as the high point in the week. I hope not! This individual insisted that other Christians look forward to their small groups more than corporate worship. She said it is more exciting for the congregant to be in a small group where they can ask questions, pray for others, discuss their own views, and get to know one another more intimately. I understand this sentiment and appreciate the desire to connect with others, but in all humility I would say to this well-intentioned individual, “You don’t understand the distinct privilege corporate worship is. We are communing with the saints before the holy throne of a majestic God.”

In the rest of his article, Jason addresses the uniqueness of Sunday morning and the common reasons that some might feel that it’s second to their Community Group. Read the whole article here.